I'm not Mad but...

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I've been out of the work force being pregnant and raising children since May of 2011 the time has come to get back into the real world for the sake of my finances and most importantly my sanity. I'm a much better mother when I don't see my children all the time...
when I was a little girl I dreamed of being a stay at home mother, domestic goodess that had neatly dressed little people, looked fierce everyday and had dinner on the table for my Hubbs when he walked in the door and now that I've lived something kinda close to that dream, I've realized, I HATE it.

I like being on the grind. I like rush hour commuting and meetings, emails and the work place banter and most of all, I love my pay grade. But, as I gear up to get out, these two statements ring very loudly in my head and ultimately knock me down:

"I can't get a job without child care, and I can't get child care without a job"

are any of my followers mothers? How have you handled this conundrum?


  1. Everything in time. It's coming!!!!

  2. Oh I have made that statement a few times over the last couple of years! When we moved a few years back, we left behind great childcare and hours. Then I was forced to fit daycare molds that did not fit work hour molds. It is stressful and challenging. As I prepare to enter the workforce again as my son prepares for kindergarten, I just decided to start applying for jobs and will fret over childcare when I get an interview.
    Hang in there, trust you are NOT alone.