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As I've mentioned before but not gone into detail about. I've been biting my nails horribly. I'm talking starving, nothing to eat for week’s kind of chewing going on here. I've always been a slight nibbler. A hang nail here, a jagged nail there. But never to the point that I was in pain.
In my teens I let my nails grow to ridiculous lengths just because I could. Then with the birth of my first, they just stopped growing (like my hair) I eventually got a well paying job and every two weeks #1 and I woke up early on Saturdays and headed to our local nail salon (I miss Lisa) she got a mani/pedi and polish I got a full set of acrylics. Nothing crazy. I kept them short with a sport cut. No crazy colors, to the disappointment of my manicurist I got clear polish. (Why u no get color!?!?)

Something magical happened my nails grew like CRAZY. I'm talking after one week enough had grown that I needed a refill. I was so excited. My plan was, to grow them a little more, remove the acrylics and keep my nail. The dream died. The length stayed maybe a month and they one by one each nail broke. I figured it was fine because they were growing again. Nope! I continued to have nubbs until I returned to Lisa one Saturday morning. She promptly scolded me to "make up your mind". Fine I thought acrylics till I die... and then I lost my job. 

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At this very moment 3 fingers on my left hand and 2 on my right are throbbing. I figure I bit the nail down to "the quick" as my mom says. Someone remind me to Google that. At any rate I'm chewing so unconsciously that I don't know I'm chewing until something hurting brings my brain back to reality. 

I had a wacky thought. I know how to apply acrylic (another hidden talent) why not put acrylic on my nails, no fake nails. The acrylic will taste GROSS so less biting and its cement hard thereby protecting my nails from me.

 I ran to Walgreens and got the Kiss Acrylic Fill Kit yesterday. So today, April 6th, 2012 I will do the acrylic and chart my growth or non-biting for you guys... Maybe the key to success for me, is the acrylic. My plan today is to do my nails then treat my firstborn to a home mani since she has developed my horrible habit. A salt soak, massage and I'll let her pick some crazy color. Maybe I can nip her habit in the bud as well as help my own... we'll see.

 TTYL loves

**I mispelled my own blog site in all the pics below. It should be Mymanyloves1231.blogspot.com**

#1's Mani Soak

Sooo Many Choices

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