I am absolutely TARDY for the eye shadow primer bus. My sister has been preaching its joys for a while and while I was totally listening I had to wait until funding was correct to splurge a little. As you know my first one got delivered yesterday and I am in love!!

I want to preface this post with the following comments:

  1. Ignore the dark circles under my eyes, I have 3 children. One teething and one that refuses to sleep in her bassinet
  2. The lighting in my house is atrocious AND
  3. The eye shadows I used are a lime green and a blue but because of fact #2 you can't really tell that...

So, It's E.L.F. (Eyes, Lips, Face) Sheer Mineral Eye shadow Primer. It went on white and I got scared. Oh, Here's another fact:
    4. All makeup scares me. I've seen one too many women strutting like they were THE business and they looked a H.A.M. SO you will see that I write "I'm scared" A LOT when it comes to makeup...

back to the story
I'm wearing a yellow shirt today and was feeling bold. I grabbed my MarkWins palette and went in. Green and blue stuck out so I went for it. I did one eye and was pleased


Green, Blue, Black Liquid Liner and Mascara

Liner is a little wobbly :P

I guess I'm satisfied with the final look, still very apprehensive BUT I'll have on my glasses today and I was given some excellent advice regarding my fear of looking like a clown... 
"If you do, SO WHAT, Embrace the clowness"
Here I go

Oh!! AND I did my hair again Sorry no pics of the process

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