Amber Road Cafe

The local paper called it the hidden jewel of Canton... I call it, the best little cafe EVER!!

I did brunch (at 1:30 in the afternoon) with a friend and she raved about the Amber Road Cafe. I've lived in the area for well over a year and every time I walk by the cafe, it's closed or there is a large crowd standing out front. And finally I know why.

The atmosphere is relaxed. The service is friendly and fast. My favorite thing aside from the food is the meaningful hand painted quotes along the ceiling... "Marry for love", "Smile More"etc. I felt like I was visiting a friends home for a meal not like I was a patron at a restaurant. There was a mish mash of people even though the cafe was 30 minutes from closing. An old couple eating and reading the paper, A young lady and her mom sipping coffee and laughing, two women in workout gear...

The one thing they all had in common was the food in front of them looked AWESOME!! I am somewhat of a fat girl at heart so the sights and smells had me in a tizzy lol. I changed my order 3 times just as the waitress was writing it down. I got toast, home fries and an omelet, I can't recall the official name but, it had American cheese, fresh tomatoes and fresh spinach. FRESH!! Not some green slime from a can, actually spinach leaves that still looked like spinach leaves. And although it was a beautiful plate, the winner at my table was my friends Brie stuffed french toast topped with apple, cranberry and walnut chutney.

ooo and did i mention its Phantom Gourmet approved!!

I will most definitely be headed back to Amber Road and will undoubtedly be bringing someone with me... Wanna come? :)

Amber Road Cafe
635 Washington Street Canton, MA 02021
Mon-Sat: 7am-3pm

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