REVIEW (kinda) MarkWins Intl.

Hey Loves!

so, remember about a week ago I did a Haul post. In a nutshell,  I went bonkers in Walgreens. I got a great MarkWins Intl. makeup palette on sale for $9.99. I've finally taken some time to try the entire palette And I must say I'm pleased!!
I did swatches on my arm of the eyeshadows, eye highlights, blushes, lip glosses, cream eyeliners and pencil liners. I'm still learning my make up application so I won't post pics of my actual usage but I'm excited to try just about everything. 
I ventured into a new world and wore blush yesterday (OMG!! in my head I thought I looked like a clown) I actually had to text a picture to my younger sister to see if I did (thanks sis!!) I'm learning :) At any rate I give MarkWins makeup a thumbs up. The color choices are awesome considering the price and size of the palette. And I'm surprised at the color deposit, its pretty rich. Each of the eye shadow swatches is one stroke on my arm. 
I'm in love with cream liner. It's so smooth and... well... creamy. The pencil liners are equally as smooth to apply. I was expecting mediocrity but got greatness. Oh, check out the lip gloss pic!! There great colors AND they lasted. I have a super shiny gloss addiction so, I did the color from MarkWins then applied another gloss on top. Since I'm slightly lame, I timed how long it was until I reapplied gloss (lol) 
2 1/2 hours!!! 

Mark does Win (hahahaha)

CREME liners not Liquid

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  1. Those are great payoffs...All you need now is some eye shadow primer and they will be awesome. I'm loving the lip glosses and Im impressed with the liners