Kopy Kat Kinda

Since becoming a blogger I have also become a blog follower and it seems that most of the blogs are  about nail polish (my current love). I stumbled across A Girl and Her Polish through a Pinterest post. And I am just dying to try some of her manicures. After the kiddies hit the sack is as good a time as any.

With a lovely glass of Kahlua in one hand, I began to follow the steps to a manicure she calls Gouda Gouda in my Wooden Shoe, click the link to see her perfect mani... 
Here is what I accomplished...

I used:
1. China Glaze #1007 Turned Up Turquoise
2. Milani #37 Black Magic
3. Sally Hansen No Chip Top Coat
4. Scotch Tape

It's CUTE!! Close but no cigar as they say. I loved it until, it chipped off during a battle to put my 1 year olds shoes on. I will retry the style with some brighter colors for the spring and summer. I'm thinking every girls favs, PINK and PURPLE. What colors would you try?

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