DIY: Skirt Pillow

It inevitably happens to every girl. There is one article of clothing that just doesn't fit anymore but you WILL NOT part with it. It's happened to my oldest daughter. A sparkly denim skirt from a few summers ago, back when she looked like a cute little toddler in a skirt and not a leggy pre-tween
in a mini. I did what every mother with younger children does and saved it to be passed down to the next girl. She did what every kid does and found it to try and wear on a warm day. We finally agreed it could be worn ONLY when she played dress up, in the house. But with her most recent growth spurt, the skirt won't go up her body anymore. So I finally did something we both could agree on... sewed it, stuffed it and turned it into a throw pillow on her bed...

 Cute huh?

 Do your children have outfits you just can't part with? Why not sew them into pillows in their room.

In the case of this skirt I simply flipped it inside out and did a simple stitch across the bottom using my sewing machine. Flipped the skirt to the right side. I was gifted a knit outfit for my youngest daughter and while it was SUPER thoughtful, there will never be a day I'd dress my child in head to toe (bonnet, jacket, pants, boots and a body bag) white yarn.

I used the entire outfit to stuff the skirt pillow. Then another simple stitch using the sewing machine, across the top of the skirt. This took about 5 minutes to do. And if by some weird chance my younger children run out of clothes, I can remove the stitches and VOILA have a skirt and a yarn ensemble...

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  1. That's a wonderful idea, have you ever considered getting paid to do that?