Go Eye Bomb


I know I vowed not to post every Polyvore set I do and I have been REALLY good but this one, I was in love with so, I decided to post it and to take a chance and post
the make up look I'd choose to wear were I ROCKING this ensemble.

I am a huge fan of statement eyes. Simple face, tinted lip and a BOOM around the eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul after all... I personally would do a smoky eye if I were wearing this during an evening event, dinner with the hubby or the like. Were I wearing this during a daytime event I'd do a purple eye. Click the link under the photo to shop:

This eye was done using mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow-Violet Femme Shades in Mystical, Pink Dusk and Violet Ink...
 This smoky eye was done with the mark. What A Line Felt Tip Eyeliner, No Place to Run long wear eyeliner, Keep it Going liner/shadow and Lash All You Want mascara
What makeup looks would you try with this ensemble or is the outfit all you need?

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