Win BIG... Loser

 From November 2011 until today (Feb. 9th, 2012) my infatuation has been The Shaw's "Win Big" Contest.. its reminiscent of the McDonald's Monopoly game. You get a game board, buy stuff, and get stickers... This last grocery haul, I was so sure I was going to hit the JACKPOT...  I've been taking advice from TLC's Extreme Couponing so I was READY to SAVE and WIN... and as you can see in the picture I racked up!!

I was too excited to get home and start unwrapping my winnings. But, alas my joy was replaced with sadness. I got something like 150 books of stickers, each book containing 4 stickers and I promise you, 90 of them were the same exact 4 stickers... needless to say I won nothing...  CONSPIRACY!!!

That is all!

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