D.I.Y: No Scrubs?!?

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I don't know about you but, funds are tight in my household. That doesn't mean that a girl can't miss the little non essentials of life I.E. a great body scrub. I mean, picture it... candles, steam, your favorite slow jams, all your smelling good and getting clean essentials. If your looking at the same picture that I am, a body scrub is definitely in there. A body scrub serves two purposes, scrub away the bad and put back some good. The BAD being dirt/dead skin and the GOOD being moisture.

So I chose the poor... frugal... GENIUS woman's route and made my own scrub.
I'm thrilled with the results!! 

1. (Half Cup) You can find Extra Virgin Olive Oil at any grocer. I've heard Olive Oil is great for your skin and hair and since I have a HUGE container here at home it made it into this experiment. In the future though, I'd like to try and use Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Oil or Gel Oil they smell AWESOME and can be purchased just about anywhere. I found them both at Walmart for a very reasonable price... The Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula w/Vitamin E was $5.47 and the Moisturizing Gel Oil was $7.47

2. (A Cup) Epsom Salt can be found literally anywhere! In my case, I found it at Family Dollar for a whopping $3 (I think) I'm sure you can find it cheaper.

3. (A Spoonful, pick your own spoon) I wanted a smell that lasted, was fresh and noticeable. I chose a lotion that I bought a while ago but, havent used since I found that the scent was way to strong in its concentrated form. The Olive Oil, Epsom Salt toned it down alot and the hot water toned it down even more... Its Karma Kreme from Lush Handmade Cosmetics. Since I bought this when I was a working girl it cost $28 for a 7.9oz jar. If you can't or don't want to spend that amount, You can use any scent you have around the house, A drop or two of perfume, a few spritzes of body spray... Mix and Serve

No Fancy Container.. Sorry

The Consistency

If there's too much oil, feel free to add more salt. And, too much salt, add more oil.
I accomplished my goal, My skin feels FABOO and I didn't cost my husband a fortune <3

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