Bagged It

During the summer, I dared to venture away from my norm of black and brown bags. I'm by no means a bag hoarder but the few I do have, kind of stay in the same style and color scheme. Their all "safe" and coordinate with what I'd wear in my everyday life. After returning some shoes I was dissatisfied with from Just Fab I ordered this bag that spoke to me... it called my name, I swear it did!!

Picture from the Just Fab website

Her name is Hurricane, she's Island Blue, and she's BEAUTIFUL. I got a million and one compliments on her, whether I was super casual or semi dressed up, she added POP to my ensemble. Big enough to fit all the essentials but small enough NOT to fit the kitchen sink. She was my everyday bag during the summer but since winter here has been really mild, I'm thinking I will bring her out to see the sights... If you see us, be sure to wave :)

BY THE WAY: Just Fab is a website that you join and it offers you a personal stylist. This stylist will pick bags and shoes based on your personality each month and add them to your boutique on the website, EVERYTHING is $39.95!! You can opt to skip the month (otherwise they will still charge you $39.95 even if you don't get anything) but honestly why would you!! Featured Celebrity Styles, Bags, Shoes, Jewelry and Jeans everything a girl could want...
did I mention EVERYTHING is $39.95?!?

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