Maybe It's Maybelline???

Soooo I'm not sure if I'm so excited because of the actual product OR because, as a stay at home mother I rarely if ever, get something just for me. Either way I was UBBER amped to get this Baby Lips by Maybelline.
My local Walgreen's only carried one of the 6 flavors (smells DELISH but, has no taste) I got "Cherry Me" SPF 20 Lip Balm($3.99) and I think I'm in love! Not overly shiny or sticky, doesn't leave that gross white goop, I've only had to apply 3 times today, so it lasts a good amount of time AND adds just a hint of color.

or better yet... PUCKER up!!

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  1. Haha I hate these things speaking of which I have tht one unopen its urs along with the pants I still need to send u for Diva#1 :)