Influenster: Reese's Spread Voxbox

 New VoxBox!!!

And my inner fat girl has REJOICED :)

Who knew my most beloved candy was melted down to create a delicious spread to add to any snacks... I had no idea until it came in my latest VoxBox.

The box, as you can see was Reese's signature orange color and bore the logo on all sides. So there was literally no way to be confused as to who sent it :)

I ripped into the packaging and read the card enclosed. it had serving suggestions, for instance... on crackers, on apples... on BACON!!

Bacon dipped in chocolate is CRACK... (Don't Judge me) My next snack trials included apple slices, pretzel sticks as well as my most recent MUST HAVE, Greek Vanilla yogurt. And ALL trials were a success
This spread gets my highest 2 thumbs up and were it not for the new healthy eating lifestyle I'm attempting to enforce in my house, this Reese's Spreads would be on my grocery list every month.

The pics of the yogurt and Spread look SUPER unappealing I know. But, the taste was amazing. The cool smooth yogurt paired with the density and smoothness of the Spread were... I  actually have no words for it. (note to self: get a thesaurus this year)

So "KUDOS" to Reese's for this invention and then "BAH HAMBUG" for it coming out when I'm trying to be all healthy :)

**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes**

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