...and another thing!!! RANT

I can't be the only person in western civilization who is beyond sick of seeing, hearing, talking about the Kardashian West family. A group of people that are glamorized and hailed for doing nothing of value. I mean aside from Kourtney, Scott and Kris, creating people...

I can't say I knock their hustle but what I do question is why we are so interested.  Why do we tune in to the show.... notice I said we because I have been guilty quite a few times of watching the reality show. Why do we click the article links? buy the magazines featuring them?

Why aren't we as a culture more driven towards seeing real shows. No, no not "reality" television with its scripted scenarios and ridiculous character lineups. The mean one, the stupid one, the drunk one, the slutty one, the fighter.

 I mean REAL. For instance, a show that follows a school struggling to fund it's programs and educate our children. Follow the principle and teachers as they strive to give the best while being given the least.

Make Mrs.Scott a star because she does SOMETHING of value.  Make Mr. Singleton   who we talk about over the watercooler. "Did you see last nights episode" hoMrs. Thompson Handled that out of control student or stayed after to help so and so really understand. Next week's cliff hanger? How do the teachers plan to teach and reach the new autistic kid...

Why are we so wrapped up in foolishness like the lives of people who have zero impact on our actual lives And little to no interest in the lives of people who directly effect our very future?? (cue Whitney Houston... i believe the children are our future teach them well and let them lead the way...)

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