ONE CHOICE decides your friends
ONE CHOICE defines your beliefs
ONE CHOICE determines your loyalties-forever
ONE CHOICE can transform you

Thats all the back cover of the book says... This was an awesome read. Written by Veronica Roth. The first chapter felt like FOREVER... really. I stopped and started at least 4 times. But once the main characer "Tris" takes her aptitude tests in Abegnation the story unfolds.

The world as we know it has fallen apart and all that's left is 5 separate nations or factions. Abegnation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite. Dictionary.com the words to see the characteristics of each faction. Every child who reaches 16 must be tested and then choose their faction. Some choose the faction in which they were raised and others abandon what they know for the unknown... and then the fun begins.

The whole story line was reminiscent of The Hunger Games Trilogy to me. A lot of similarities but a lot of differences. And by the end I couldn't wait to read book number two "Insurgent". There are a lot of extras at the end, including a test to see which faction you would belong in, I would be Erudite. I'd give this book a thumb and a half.. were that possible :)

You can visit the author online or on Twitter (@VeronicaRoth)

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