Do I Care?? NOPE!!!...

I was alerted to this summer challenge OVER a month ago but being away on business and having my life turned upside down, I completely forgot to do a post about it so I could officially join in the fun. Miss Dre told me about it on her blog, and she heard about it from Jennifer on her blog (side note Jennifer is GORGEOUS!!) I have been mentally checking things off the list. And though theres only maybe a month left of summer I share with you so you can SUPER SPEED join the challenge!! Stop reading and GO!!!

No pics to prove my awesomeness but here's what I've done so far:

Wear Something Sleeveless
Wear Short Shorts
Wear A Maxi/Skirt AND Dress
Wear Something Strapless
Wear A BodyCon Outfit
Wear Something You Normally Wouldn't...  CHECK!!!!

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  1. aw thanks, you're such a sweetheart! <3 can't wait to see your outfit posts :D yay!