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On To The Nails!!!

Today I did the 2.6 mile walk to the nearest mall. Just me, the babies and my Ipod. I wasn't planning on actually doing the whole walk so once I actually got there, I had to stop in CVS for drinks and snacks (it took me about an hour to stroll) I came upon the new display for Spoiled by Wet N Wild, it was BEAUTIFUL... AND it was buy 2 get one FREE!! So I got 3!
1: Correction Tape
2: Show Me Some Skin
3: I Don't Drink Cheap Wine

These pics are in Natural Light. And the best part is that's ONE COAT. So, the opacity is awesome. I can't wait to try some things. Check out A Girl and Her Polish to see how she used her Sparkly Spoils :)
SideNote: Remember I told you about my nail biting habit? I started using SinfulColors Anti-Bite & Nail Growth. I wish I'd taken a pic of my nubbs so you could see the drastic difference but, This is after 2 weeks of use:

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