Sally's Haul

I 100% did not have the money to buy this stuff and my late electricity bill proves it but I just had to get somethings that I needed. As I think I told you I LOVE doing hair and felt that I needed to upgrade my supplies so that I could do better work on myself and maybe one day, other people.

1.  Andre Shampoo Cape in purple
2. Salon Care 15/16" Rollers
3. Evolve Wig Caps
4. Hair Color Removal wipes
5.Edge Ahead Cutting Kit with shears, clips and comb
6. Spray Bottle (for setting lotion)
7. Proclaim Setting Lotion
8. AmPro Protein Gel
9. Hair Bonding Glue
10. Sally Jumbo End Wraps (for roller sets)
11. Olive Oil Replenishing Pack Deep Conditioner

That's all... Shockingly my husband has yet to notice all this stuff in the cabinet, or if he has he has not said anything to me. So i think I've gotten away with my unnecessary beauty supply heist LoL


  1. Sooo I'm guessing I'm first in line when I get my hair did?

    1. Indeed!! I can't wait to experiment on you (Muahahaha)