I'm Sorry

Hey Blog babies... sorry for the long pause in posts. I caught strep throat from my beautiful children. I also inherited a chemical imbalance called P.M.S. as such, I just had nothing to offer you guys that was positive or up building in any way. And I, like many children was taught "if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all" and so I've been silent. 
during this "hiatus" I colored my hair, did pedicures on all of my babies,  put serious effort into finding childcare so I can rejoin the work force and desperatley searched for the littlest hint of the motivation to do things that I had before children. You know, the can do anything spirit you had, when you had no responsibilities and life was just a blank page waiting to be filled by you??
My pages have writing on them before I even turn the pages...  and I'm finding it very hard to write what I want, around those pre-printed words. I know it's possible and I'm capable. It's simply a matter of getting my "HUSTLER"on and I just don't feel like it. I digress.... I will be posting about the hair color fiasco and pics of all the cute little pink toes running around my house :)


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