I Can Live with This

 I posted earlier today about my horrible nail biting habit...
I did the acrylic as I told you guys I would. It came out really well. Not too much mess. I did the acrylic around 8AM and I just did the paint job. And I think I may just LOVE it. It's sparkly but simple. And hopefully it'll last... I used: Sinful Colors #1102 Kissy and Wet N' Wild #460D Kaleidoscope plus the obligatory two coats of clear top coat.

**UPDATE 4/8/2012 The acrylic broke in half on 2/3 fingers of each hand, and i was right back to biting (Sad Face)**

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  1. Oh no! Sorry that happened. Nail biting is a bad habit that many have. I stopped doing it back in high school because I wanted to have long nails like some of my friends (peer pressure, you know?). lol
    Well, the pics were cute regardless. ;)