REVIEW:Profusion Colour Me Glow

I got this little cutie a while ago actually. Another random find in a Walgreens sale bin (LOVE those things) She was $.99!! Can't go wrong when you spend a dollar...
I love two colors in this eyeshadow palette by ProFusion, A deep golden brown and the blue color. Once I receive the primer I ordered from E.L.F. I'll have to re-try the colors to get their true depth. But for now I'm happy. None of the other colors really appeal to me nor do they stand out when swatched...  So while I'm not ecstatic with the colors I still think she's just DARLIN'

thinking of actually giving this to my 6 year old to experiment with...
In looking up the website to link you guys I may have stumbled onto some GOLD!!! click the link and poke around, I'm on my way now!

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