mark. Super Flip Color Kit

This is another "have had" product but I love it so I'll review it for you guys. I started trying to sell mark. cosmetics last summer after I lost my job, to try and supplement some income. The cost to join was $20 and I received a starter package which included this Super Flip compact

It has 9 Eye Shadows, 6 Lip Glosses and 3 Lip Colors. Which I never knew until I was taking pics for this post (duh!)

The eye shadows are awesome! My favorite colors are the blue called "Pool" and the purple called "Piccadilly" They both show up (without a primer) so rich and shimmery. Especially the purple. I tend to be a little scared of purple eye shadows with my skin color because I don't want to look like I got in a fight and have black eyes. So I'm very careful with the application and I pair it with a lighter brighter purple from another compact. 

The black color way on the bottom corner, makes a great powder liner when I can't find a pencil or my liquid liner OR when I dod a smoky eye. I'm admittedly terrified to touch the entire top row. Let me rephrase that I do not yet know how to apply such light sparkley colors but once I gain some more makeup knowledge I will indeed utilize every color in this comapct :)

One level of eyeshadow is not SUPER you say!! Well hold on to your hats folks she does tricks... 

After a little work to flip her over you find your lip gloss and color palette. It took a few tries to actually flip it but I'm a pro now. I'm not impressed with the lip colors or the gloss. They're thin and watery, not a lot of shine and though they contain a lot of sparkles none of it shows up on my lips (maybe different for you) So I tend to use these as an under layer to something more substantial OR when I've got nothing else to use. When I do use them I gravitate towards the gold in the center and the chocolate color. You can't really tell in the picture but I've only touched those two colors. My first time touching the rest was to do swatches...

WHICH were pointless to post because they all showed up one color, and that was my skin tone with shine...

And though the glosses are not flavored they do have a sweet taste. That's a plus... I guess.
All in all my review falls mid way on the scale. Some Ehhhh's and some Ahhhhh's

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