My NEW Addition!!

So, While on our vacation away, Hubbs made my dreams come true lol. A new toy to entertain me during my days at home with the little people.
Since I'm about 10 years behind on the Ipod craze, I won't post about what it does because I'm sure you know. Steve Jobs was a GENIUS. Apple Products are GREAT. And now I'm off to the market to shop for some things... The App Market that is!! (Corny closing line... Check!)

I think I'm in love <3


  1. Ooh you lucky lady! Did you have a nice trip?

    New follower!



  2. It was AWESOME... And Thanks for following!!

  3. I love how colorful your blog is! Don't feel left behind my husband bought me the new phone too, he said I needed to catch with the rest of them! I found you on blogaholic, come by and check bad girls of blogging group- we have attitude and opinions but on the whole pretty funny! I'm Natalie and am now following you!

  4. I just got a new phone too. Mine is a sprint HTC and I love it, all the apps, the easy blogging. These phones are like having a laptop in the palm of your hands.
    Jill from blogaholic.