REVIEW:Hi-Definition Nail Color

 These were the exact colors of my childhood bedroom, They make me think happy thoughts of being a little girl and stuffed animals...

Sally Hansen has released HD Hi-Definition Nail Colors in 16 "luminous shades"
I went on a teeny tiny haul and got these beauties:
1. Spectrum #14
2. Digital #06
3. BLU #02
4. Cyber #01

The colors are rich and bright in the bottle. So my expectation is rich and bright on the first coat... Didn't happen. Digital #06 was the only polish that went on my nail true to the bottle color. The others were thin and watered down. VERY DISAPPOINTING 
I waited until first coat dried and added a second coat. I admit, the colors got ALOT better. With the second coat I had to do it thick to get some color deposit which then led to a mess (which I didn't photo)... Overall I'm happy with the colors I chose and the amount of options available to buy.
 And because I love the colors, I'll ignore the fact that to get the TRUE color, you'd have to do 2 or 3 coats. This polish is not quick dry. So, paint... wait... paint again... wait... paint again... wait... top coat...wait... THEN be IN LOVE.

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  1. They are really pretty colors I like "paint wait pain again wait paint again wait top coat wait be in love" HILARIOUS!