It's VOXBOX time AGAIN !!!!

Hey luvs!!
Long time no see, How've you been? You been good?

First and most saddest: pics for the unboxing came out horribly so I'll have to catch some pics next time I do my face and I'll add later!! the pics below are directly from the Influenster site.

So listen as you may or may not know, I'm down with this website called Influenster. You sign up, you give your opinion and reviews, interact with other folks AND get samples to tell your followers, friends, fellow pinners about. What's better than SWAG?!

This round I was chosen for the Cover Girl VoxBox... YAY! I didn't photo my unboxing,  I was just really amped to get in and try out whatever was in there.

THE dopest liquid eyeliner pen and mascara. I, like many, completely suck at the liquid liner game. But, this Intensify Me liquid liner is amazing!!! The tip isn't like your normal liners. They look like a paint brush. This one is like a marker!! A solid mini marker of liner!!!! First try I did perfect cat eye. Tear.

I didn't have any opinion on the Super Sizer mascara. Opened it. The applicator looked hella weird to me. But I put it on... NO CLUMPS.... hmmmm, no tarantula eyes? I like that.

Here's where things got weird and then GREAT...

I'm in the midst of a divorce and at random moments for girly reasons, I'll start crying. That moment happened to be at 10am, while at work, AFTER having applied the liner and mascara. (That's the weird part) NOTHING RAN!!! I didn't look like a melting clown. All mascara and liner remained TOTALLY IN TACT (that's the great part)

So, for me these two products, came against the ultimate girl test and passed with flying colors!! I will definitely purchase these items in the future.

Take a second to stop by Influenster and make sure to tell them I sent you :)

**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes**

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