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Soooooo... I purchased this hair through Elevate Styles about a week ago. Milky Way 100% Human Indian Hair. 10 inches on sale for 27 dollars and some change. So I naturally purchased two packs!!
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I'm a huge weave fan. I don't need anything crazy. No weird colors, no booty skimming lengths. No moving parts. I merely like to achieve a natural look. I did my big chop almost a year ago... BIG as in I left a little over an inch on my head (I was going through some things) During this year I've done regular trims and many deep conditions. So I've now gotten up to about 4 inches in its natural state. But alas, I'm bored with my TWA...

In steps, WEAVE (insert super hero theme song here) I love love love Wet and Wavy texture as that is what is closest to what would grow from my head. I always stick with a color 1 or 4 (black or dark brown). Fast forward...



Hair braided


I'm happy and feeling fine... see:

                                                          That was the first night. I slept with my silk scarf tied so that all the hair was up to the top of my head. In the AM the back of my hair was sort of tangled. Which I assumed was my crazy sleeping. I didn't give it anymore thought, sprayed my hair with water and the Wet and Wavy sheen spray (thumbs up on that product BTW) and ran out the door.

Through my work day i noticed that some of the hair was VERY TANGLED and it looked like I hadn't put any shine on it in months (remember this is only day 2) by the time I got home from work the entire back of my hair looked like one big dread lock. kinda like this:

...It all moved as one solid "thing" (NO bueno) I tried to finger comb some life back into the blob. That DID NOT work. So I got out my "weave brush", sectioned the hair into small handfuls and began at the bottom and worked up to the weft. I then braided each section to keep it in tact through the night. This, is what I pulled from the brush... 
Day 3...

Do you kind of see where this post is going now??? 

Fast forward again




As of yesterday, Saturday, June 7th we are on day 6 of this install and THIS, is what I just finger combed and brushed from my head:

Large clumps of knotted hair are coming out with every run through of my fingers. Before I even get out my front door in the AM the hair has eaten spray sheen, water, oil, and still looks DRY. Within an hour it has turned into that sexy single dread we talked about earlier... I think what I'm saying here in short is THIS HAIR IS NOT OKAY (to put it nicely) $65 and 6 days and I'm on the search for something of better quality ASAP

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