I do nothing consistently. And I'm beginning to think its a problem. I abhor working full time for someone else but can't commit to working full time for myself. I have business ideas and they fizzle only to be popularized by someone else. With my first born I hand sewed pocket books. Custom designs. I had fairly regular requests and my bags were being sold in a local boutique. I was featured in local press and had a small business owners backing. And then one morning, I was bored with sewing by hand. My next business was sewing children's keepsake pillows. Again, I had regular requests and word of mouth buzz. Then one morning, I was bored with it.

I'm now mother of 3 and still have an entrepreneurs spirit but a college stoners motivation. I thoroughly enjoyed using Mark. cosmetics and jumped at an opportunity to sell. I came out swinging and after a few sales to my mother and her friends, I'm at a stand still.
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I recently was motivated to start making my own body and hand scrubs. Excitement in the process. Planning, shopping, mixing, bottling, sending samples... and then nothing. I've barely even remembered to check my Etsy shop!! I've currently got a cabinet FULL of Brown Sugar Coconut Body Scrub. Where's the motivation?

I am bananas for nail art and began looking in to opening my own nail salon and making my own polishes. Was GUNG HO for about a month or two and now I'm KAPUT

I LOVE interior decorating and doing hair (braids, extensions, colors). But guess what?! As soon as I started classes for both, I woke up and decided I didn't REALLY like them anymore. Who does that?!

Do any of my followers have this problem have you ever started full steam and were burned out before the goal was reached?

Any suggestions on how to boost the "keep it going" spirit?

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