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Every spring summer I have a overwhelming need to change my look. I want to shed pounds get a hair cut (or a long weave) change my haircolor, heck if I could alter my skin tone for a season I'd probably do it. I feel like a new season is the time to change it up and start over. A new look always helps set the ball rolling.
This year is no different and since I can't drop 60 lbs overnight I opted to dye my hair lol. I've been in love with Rihanna's red hair since she debuted it. (SideNote: I'd copy most of Rihanna's clothes and styles, she's my girl crush)

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 Since I live in the real world I chose a tamer version. it was Revlon's Colorsilk Permenant dye #34 Deep Burgandy. 

 But of course everything in your imagination is WAY better then in reality. I got a quiet hour and I dyed my hair... And then, NOTHING. There was absolutely no difference from my original color. It left me wondering if I'd actually done anything to my hair or I'd entered the Twilight Zone.
My oldest daughter just kept telling me that she couldn't see any red. "I think you messed up Mom" is what she said...
A friend of mine was also on a mission to go red for the summer so, she shared her color. Which was a Kiss Semi Permanent called "Paprika" 
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The swatch was a gorgeous bright red. I was excited, so I went in!! In the end I had one RED hand that looked like I committed a horrific crime, a VERY red scalp. Like, I can't comfortably part my hair because it looks as though I'm bleeding. AND you can only see the red on my actual hair, if I'm in the sun. A mission that started out so sweet has turned sour. 
I think at this point, I'll just get on losing that 60 lbs! Maybe I'll be a new person by the summer :)

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