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Before babies, I was 135 pounds and wore a size 6/8. Now after baby number three, I am 203 pounds and snugly fitting a size 14/16. I still struggle with acceptance of my weight gain and dressing the body I've got, as opposed to feeling bad about not having the body I had. Its still very much a work in progress. But I've begun looking for clothes and styles that will look good on me now. In my smaller days "Ashley Stewart" was the big girl store and it wasn't somewhere I'd even consider shopping. But with time, comes change. The styles offered at Ashley Stewart have changed dramatically in my opinion. Gone are days of frumpy styles and colors. Their sizes start at 12 and go up to size 26. With time, I've also changed. On this blog I want to be honest and open with my followers, So I thought I'd share with you guys the styles I loved on the site... AND they're having a Mother's Day Special, free shipping on orders over $99. I'm filling my shopping cart now.

**I linked the pics to the website if you like the looks as much as I do, click them for details**

all pics from AshleyStewart.com


  1. I think those styles are cute, and that there should be more advertising for women who are sizes 12 and up.

    1. There definitely should be!! I vow to do my part:)