DIY: Just Like New!! (PIc Heavy)

When my husband and I had our first apartment together as a couple we couldn't afford a dining room set. A lot of thought and research went into the set we bought when we got our condo. One very important fact was neglected though... We have children LoL so the suede-y seats that are with the table have been destroyed by meals, snacks, drinks and our oldest using the chairs to get her snacks. One seat more destroyed than the others because a booster seat has been attached to it for our 16 month old.

I've had this fabric laying around the house for YEARS. As a teenager I used it on my walls (in my parents home) instead of painting. In my first apartment it was used to cover the plastic crates that housed my random junk and television. Now as a grown up I've developed some attachment to it. I've never cut it so the entire 2 yards was still in tact from the day I bought it over 10 years ago.... Until today.

I unscrewed the seat portion of the chair and got to work. I used my electric drill and my staple gun. To cover all four seats this project took less than an hour... 45 minutes tops! I love them and shockingly my husband noticed them BEFORE I said anything about them. I consider that a victory LoL

Check out my handy work:

Electric Drill and Staple Gun
Not The Worse Seat in The House

SUCCESS!!! Imagine this, 3 more times  
Give this project a try and tell me how it goes.

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