Blue Mosaic

Look it!!! I Love it!! Despite the fact that I had to do a drop method instead of painting. Let me explain...
...when I painted my nail (you know, one stroke left, one stroke right, then a center stroke) I didn't get the amount of glitter I wanted nor did any of the larger flecks stick. So I had a lot of tiny blue spots and way more finger nail visible than I'd imagined. After 3 coats, I still hadn't achieved the look I was going for. I removed everything and started fresh...

I opted to put way too much polish on the brush and let it drip drop onto my nail. I then used a manicure stick to clean up the edges and any polish that "broke free".

I let that coat dry which considering how I applied it,  dried really fast. Then, I did a second and third coat, the conventional way. I got the look I imagined, full coverage  and lots of sparkle. It looks awesome in the sunlight AND it entertained my one year old when she got a little loud on the train lol

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