I'm ALL In

Hubbs brought it home at 8:37 PM on Wednesday... I will be done in an hour, maybe less. The Hunger Games. At 6:30 AM I went to my online library to request the 2 book in the set, Catching Fire. I'd never heard of the books, until I saw trailers for the movie. And now on the day of its release in theaters, all I can think is "hurry up and finish reading so you can see the movie!!!"

Now I understand what people were talking about when they made the following statement and I can unequivocally agree, I'd be among the first to die if the Hunger Games were a reality.

I LOVE how the story is written, the descriptions, the speed its written in, the fact that its Katniss talking and it's not a story being told by someone else. It makes the story more personal. I love the premise that you must fight to the death for your people, for survival.... you have to fight for life. Their lives are already a struggle and then they have to fight and isn't that how life really is?!?

I should be getting ready for a doctors appointment right now but I had to take a moment to share my thoughts... If you haven't read it already grab a copy ASAP!!


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